January 17, 2021
  • 3:21 pm Glocal Sustainability- What we do…
  • 10:17 am Tips for Living with Less Plastics
  • 10:48 pm No longer the opium of the poor; Linking Faith and Glocal Development
  • 2:44 pm Environmental Law Progress

Environmental laws are to be well understood, respected and enforced if the human race needs to stay within the bounds of critical ecological thresholds.

Environmental law does not need to be conservative nor lag behind the reality it aims to govern. Environmental law has, is and can progress effectively. For the panelists, what we need to focus on is building the skills of judicial actors such as prosecutors to enforce these laws where they exist. Through sustainable training initiatives and innovative principles, we can build and support judicial actors with the best information, knowledge, and resources to dynamically progress environmental rule of law.

Read the article here by the United Nations Environmental program for more details.




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