January 17, 2021
  • 3:21 pm Glocal Sustainability- What we do…
  • 10:17 am Tips for Living with Less Plastics
  • 10:48 pm No longer the opium of the poor; Linking Faith and Glocal Development
  • 2:44 pm Environmental Law Progress

“Our glocal thinking approach to sustainability enables us to cross-examine global issues, with solutions that apply to different local contexts, but whose cumulative impact is universally significant”


Do you know how to reduce your plastic consumption? Have a look at this image for some suggestions. Make it a habit to use reusables, they save you money, time, and you will feel fulfilled to have had played your part in a litterless campaign. This means you will have also contributed to reducing plastic […]


Most development stakeholders, including governments in the Global South, have underutilized the potential of faith/religion to mobilise citizenry for economic revitalization. A change of thought, as well as change of tact, is exigent to realise sustainability, without quashing religion or faith in the development agenda. This way we will be able to change the notion of ‘religion as the opium of the poor’.


Environmental law has, is and can progress effectively


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